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Nina Zahner

Institut für Kulturwissenschaften, University of Leipzig
Junior Professor
Nina Tessa Zahner is a Junior Professor in the Department of Cultural Management and Sociology of Culture at the University of Leipzig's Institut für Kulturwissenschaften. She is a co-organizer of the Arts Management Studies Research Stream at the European Sociological Association. She is a former research assistant at the Institute for Cultural Sciences at the University of Leipzig in the area of "Cultural Management and Culture Transfer" and former head of the summer academy of art at the University of Augsburg. Her research interests are the intersection of sociology with art and culture, sociological theory, marketing / communication, and methods of empirical social research. She studied anthropology and history at the University of Surrey, London. She earned her Ph.D. in sociology from University of Bamberg (summa cum laude). Recent publications include: "Autonomie der Kunst? - Dimensionen eines kunstsoziologischen Problemfeldes", "Anfragen an die Soziologie des Publikums," and "Inklusion und Exklusion im Konsumptionsfeld der Bildenden Kunst."